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本文摘要:高中英语热点短语动词归纳1break组成的短语1.break away(1)突然逃掉或脱离 The man broke away from his guards.(2)隔离往来,脱离, 和-----决裂 He tried to break away from me.(3)改掉(习惯),破除旧法 I should break away from such habit.2.break down(1)(机械、车辆等)坏了 We are sorry to arrive late,


高中英语热点短语动词归纳1break组成的短语1.break away(1)突然逃掉或脱离 The man broke away from his guards.(2)隔离往来,脱离, 和-----决裂 He tried to break away from me.(3)改掉(习惯),破除旧法 I should break away from such habit.2.break down(1)(机械、车辆等)坏了 We are sorry to arrive late, but the car broke down.(2)(计划,谈话等)失败,坚持不下去 All our plans broke down.(3)(身体)跨了,情感控制不住(哭起来了) His health broke down.(4)(谈话、通讯等)中断 The conversation broke down at this point.(5)剖析,分化 After many years, rocks break down into dirt.3.break in(1)强行进入,突然进来 He broke in and stole my money.(2)插嘴,打岔,插话,打断……说 Don’t keep breaking in with your remarks.4.break into(1)强行进入,破门而入 We had to break into the house as we had lost the key.(2)突然……,一下子…… He broke into songs.5.break off(1)突然停止,中断谈判 They broke off their conversation.(2)隔离(关系),排除(婚约) She broke off with her best friend.(3)停止(事情,休息一会儿) Let’s break off (work) and have some tea.6.break out(1)发作 A war broke out the following year.(2)突然发生(争吵,疾病等) The quarrel broke out.(3)突然(高声……) He broke out laughing.7.break through(1)突破,买通,穿透 The crowd broke through the lines of police.8.break up(1)散(会),驱散(群众等) After midnight, the party broke up.(2) (中小学学期)竣事,停课放假(制教长的假期),散学 We break up on July 25th.(3)离开,疏散,拆散 The two friends broke up.2burn组成的短语1.burn down 烧毁 A fire burned the house down.2.burn out 烧坏,烧光,烧完(燃料)The factory (was) completely burnt out.3.burn up 烧掉,烧毁;烧旺起来 He burned up all the old letters.3bring组成的短语1.bring about 引起,实现,造成This failure has been brought about by your own carelessness.2.bring back 带回来,送还If you’re going the market please bring me back some eggs.3.bring down 击落,使降落,使倒下,使倒台,打垮;使降低,使淘汰The pilot brought the plane down.4.bring forward 提出Please bring the matter forward at the next meeting.5.bring in 有收入, 赚得钱,收获庄稼 The boys are bringing in $60 a week.6.bring on 引起,使发生 Dirt often brings on disease.7.bring out(1)使体现出来,解说清楚Use the following words in sentences to bring out their meanings.(2)出书,生产,提出 He brought out a new play.8.bring up(1)提出 Why bring that up again?(2)抚育大,修养Joe was born in America but brought up in England.(3)吐逆 He was so ill that he brought up everything.4call组成的短语1.call at(1) 造访, 会见 call at someplace(2) (船, 列车) 等停靠. The train called at every station.2.call back(1) 叫……回来 call sb. Back(2 ) 回某人电话 call you back after supper/ call back later3.call for(1) 去接某人,去拿某物 call for you at 6 o’clock / call for the books(2) 要求,需要 call for more men(3) 高声呼叫 call for help4.call in(1) 叫……进来 call Xiao Li in(2) 召来,邀请 call in a doctor= send for a doctor(3) 下令收回,请求交还The library is calling in all books that are overdue.5.call off(1) 取消,停止 call off the trip(2) 喊走,把……叫走Please call off the dog; it’s barking at the children.6.call on(1) 造访某人call on sb. I’ll now call on Tom for an answer .= I’ll call on Tom to answer.(2) 要求,招呼,呼吁 call on sb for sth/ to do sth.7.call out(1) 叫唤 call out for help The drowning boy called out and everybody rushed to his rescue.(2) 下令……行动,召唤……行动 The fire brigade was called out twice yesterday.8.call up(1) 打电话给……call me up tomorrow(2) 使人想起,使回忆起Your letter calls up the days we worked together.(3) 征召入伍 Tom was called up in August,2004.5carry组成的短语1.carry about 随身携带2.carry away(1)拿走,搬走Let’s carry away the rubbish.(2) 抢走,冲走The invaders carried away blots of cattle.(3) 吸引住某人The audience was carried away by her songs.3.carry back(1) 将……送回原地,拿回来 Please carry the books back.(2) 使人回忆起……The sight of the place carried her back to her childhood.4.carry off(1) 拿走,运走= carry away(2) 赢得,夺去,叨走She carried off the first prize in the contest.5.carry on(1) 继续=continue carry on+ n./ doing sth.Despite all the noise, he carried on reading.(2) 谋划= manage What business did he carry on before liberation?6.carry out 实施,执行 carry out one’s duty/ one’s promise/ the instructions/ experiments .etc7.carry through(1) 告竣目的,贯彻执行 carry a plan through to the end(2) 使人渡过(难题/危机等)Their courage carried them through (the crisis).6come组成的短语1.come abou t发生,发生,=happen, 有时用it作主语,后跟that从句How did it come about that you failed to turn up in time yesterday?2.come across 偶然遇见/发现3.come along(1) 赶忙 Come along. It’s nearly 12 o’clock.(2) 举行,希望,康健转好How is your work coming along?(3)随同 Come along with me for a walk.4.come around/ round 随兴来访 Can I come around to your place tonight?5.come at(1) 到达Put the medicine where children can’t come at it.(2) 袭击The man came at me with a big stick.6.come back(1) 回来。(2) 恢复,复生(3) 忆起人或事It suddenly came back to me where I had seen the man before.7.come by(1) 经由 (2) 获得Good jobs are not so easy to come by these days.8.come down(1) 降下,下来,(飞机)着陆,下(雨雪等)(2)物价跌落,用度降低(3) (民俗习惯,传说)传下来 come down from These customs have come down to us through many a generation9.come off(1)从……脱落(掉落)(2) 举行,举行When does the concert come off?10.come out(1)出来,泛起,(花)开,发(芽)(2) 真相明白,出书,出售The new facts came out through the investigation.(3) 明晰,清楚表达(意思)The meaning of his story didn’t come out well.(4) (相片)照得鲜明She always comes out well in the photographs.(5)效果是…… ( + well/ right/ wrong) Great! You’ve come out in the top three.11.come through(1) 渡过(疾病、危机)He came through his operation.(2) 消息到达,某人用电话联络过来12.come to(1)来到(2) 酿成(某种状态,阶段),谈到When it comes to tennis, you can’t beat her.(3) 苏醒= come to oneself13.come up(1) 上升,从乡下上都会 come up to Beijing (2) 职位提升或提高(3) (话题等)被提出讨论;(价钱、温度的)上升;从土中长出(发芽)14.come upon (1) 偶然遇见,发现 (2) (坏事)降临15.come up to (1) 走到……跟前He came up to me, smiling.(2) 到达某个水准His new book doesn’t come up to his previous ones.16.come up with(1)追上,遇上 (2) (口)想出(计划等)You’ve come up with a good idea.7cut组成的短语1.cut across 取捷径穿越…… We cut across the field to save time.2.cut away 切下,砍掉 Why don’t you cut away the dead branches from that tree?3.cut down(1) 砍倒,砍伐The apple tree was dead and he cut it down.(2) 缩减The car industry cut down production.(3) 使人减价I managed to cut the shopkeeper down to 200 yuan for the watch.4.cut in 插嘴Don’t cut in on our conversation.5.cut off(1)切断(电力,煤气,自来水等)(2) 在通话中切断人的对话 We were cut off just when we were connected and said hello.(3) 使人或城镇伶仃 The village was cut off by the heavy snow.6.cut out(1) 切下,剪下cut out an article from a newspaper(2) 裁剪衣服,辟出门路 (3) 删除 cut out the first two chapters.(4) 停止…… He cut out alcohol on the doctor’s advice.7.cut up(1)切碎= cut sth. into pieces (2)(口) 使(某人)全身是伤;(精神性的)折磨(某人) He was really cut up when all his friends refused to help him.8die组成的短语1.die away (声音、光线、风等)渐弱、渐息 The wind has died away again.2.die down(声音)静下来;(火、兴奋、光线等)渐息 The noise died down.3.die from 因…而致死 He died from a wound.4.die of 因(患)…而死 His sister had died of cancer.5.die off (家族、种等)相继死亡;(草木)先后枯死 6.die out 绝种;(习惯、做法等)消失,过时9drink组成的短语1.drink down (一下子)喝下去 His mother got him to drink the medicine down.2.drink in(1)凝思倾听 drink in every word of one’s lecture(2) 陶醉于 drink in the beautiful view(3)吸进去 The thirty plants drank in the welcome rain.3.drink to 为……干杯 drink to sb. / the future4.drink up 喝洁净、喝完 Children, drink up your milk.10drive组成的短语1.drive at(1)(用于举行时) 想说 What on earth are you driving at ?(2) 朝着……努力The factory must drive at the increased production this year.2.drive away 赶走……;驱散…… drive away the news reporters/ the feeling of sadness3.drive home把……彻底讲清 This will help drive home the meaning of the new words.4.drive into(1)把……贯注给 Can’t you drive some manners into the boy?(2)迫使……干…… It will drive him into a nervous breakdown.5.drive off(1)驱车脱离;驾车送走 drive sb. off in a car(2)把……赶走 drive off the enemy / the disease(3)(高尔夫球)发球Who is to drive off first?11drop组成的短语1.drop back (1)退却 The soldiers dropped back before the enemy’s attack.(2)下降 Production has dropped back.(3)用车送回Father dropped me back at the dormitory last night.2.drop behind(1)落伍于 He dropped behind the other runners.(2)拖延;推迟His payments of rent often drop behind.3.drop by 顺便到(某处) We dropped by the club to see if Bill was there, but he wasn’t.4.drop in 顺便来访 = drop over Let’s drop in at Tom’s.5.drop off(1)下降;淘汰;衰落 Business dropped off during the summer.(2)掉下 The fruit dropped off the tree.(3) 睡着;(不知不觉的)入睡 She dropped off in front of the fire.(4)让……下车 I dropped him off at the post office.6.drop out(1)退出;退学 If you don’t like the ides, drop out.(2)掉出;落出 (of)A key dropped out (of the envelope)12feed组成的短语1.feed back 反馈 The information is fed back to the school.2.feed off 依靠……作为(食物或能量等)的泉源 The camel can feed off its hump.3.be off one’s feed 胃口欠好;没有精神4.feed on (动物)以……为主食 Cows feed on hay.5.feed up 养胖起来 That thin little boy needs feeding up.6.be fed up with 厌烦……13fix组成的短语1.fix up (1)修理好;修补 fix up the motor(2)为(某人)摆设,提供(with) Can you fix me up with a room for three nights(3)整理;收拾 fix up a room (4)解决;商妥 fix up a dispute(5)约定I have fixed up with Tom to meet them at seven o’clock tomorrow evening.2.fix on(1)确定(所在、日期等) We’ve fix on the date for our wedding.(2)归(咎)于;寄(希望)于 He fixed the blame on his friends.(3)把……集中在…… fix one’s eyes / attention on sth.14get组成的短语1.get about (1)(消息)传出去 It’s getting about that he’s to be married soon.(2)走动,随处跑 Old people can’t get about very well in the winter weather.2.get across 讲清楚,让……听明白 He taught me how to get my ideas across.3.get along (1)希望(行);相处(=get on) The business is getting along very well(2)(委曲)生活 He managed to get along without much money4.get away 脱离;拿走The prisoner had little difficulty in getting away from the police.5.get back 返回;放回去 He has just got back from his long journey.6.get down (1)下来 The child got the medicine down.(2)跪下来  get down (on your knees)7.get down to(n./ doing) 开始认真(干某事)8.get in 进来(去);收获(庄稼);插嘴The peasants are busy getting in the crops.9.get off (1)下车 Don’t get off until the bus has stopped.(2)脱离,动身 The airliner got off this morning on its regular flight(3)取下来,脱下来She got her hat and coat off.10.get on (1)上(车船等)She got on her bicycle and cycled off.(2)希望情况;相处 John isn’t getting on very well in French and history.(3)(时间)晚了,(年岁)老了 Time is getting on. = It’s late.11.get out (1)出来(去) The woman fell into the well and couldn’t get out.(2)传出去 No one could discover how the secret got out.(3)(费劲地)说出 The woman was so shocked that she couldn’t get a word out.12.get over (1)克服(难题/欠好的情绪) We must get over our disappointments.(2)让……明白Prof. Wright is not very good at getting his ideas over to his student.13.get rid of 除掉,处置惩罚掉;去掉不良习惯14.get through(1)做完,办完(with) I will be with you as soon as I get through this work.(2)通过(考试,议案等);穿过 The teacher got all his students through without difficulty.(3)给…接通电话 The operator finally got me through to his number. (4)渡过(时间),用完 His Sundays were difficult to get through.15give组成的短语1.give away(1)把工具分送给人He gave away all his books to the village children.(2)泄露,袒露Mary gives herself away by blushing every time Peter’s name is mentioned. 2.give back(1)还给 I must call at the library to give back this book.(2)恢复(康健等) I hope the holiday will give him back his good spirits. 3.give in 让步,妥协 You can’t win the game, so you may as well give in.4.give out (1)分发,发表(=hand out)The teacher gave out the examination papers.(2)宣布 It was given out that the Prime Minister had died suddenly.(3)被用完,耗尽 (机械等)失灵,(人)体力不支 The chair gave out under the fat man.(4)发出 (味道,信号) The Jessamine gives out a sweet perfume.5.give off 散发出(味道)6.give up (1)放弃 She gave up her job to look after her sick mother.(2)把…献给 She gave up her seat to the old man.16go组成的短语1.go about (1)随处走动 Teenage boys tend to go about in groups. (2)传开(=get around / spread)2.go by (1)已往,经由 Time went by quickly on vacation.(2)凭据…来判断 It’s a good rule to go by.3.go down (1)下落,下沉 The ship struck a hidden reef and went down with all hands.(2)下跌,淘汰 Prices of all farm products are expected to go down soon.4.go for (1)也适用… Listen carefully, because this goes for you all.(2)喜欢,偏爱 Do you go for modern music?(3)卖(几多钱) How much do you think these Chinese vases will go for? 5.go into (1)观察,研究 She had had not time to go deeply into the matter just then.(2)讨论,细谈 Let’s go into details later, shall we?(3)从事某一行业 He has gone into teaching.(4)进入(某种状态) He went into a rage (anger).6.go off (1)爆炸,(枪)开响,(闹钟)响 The firecracker went off with a bang.(2)举行情况 The performance went off well/badly.(3)坏了,(质量)变差 These classes have gone off since we had a new teacher.(4)脱离,(疼痛)消失,(水电)断掉 The pain went off after three treatments. 7.go on (1)发生,(运动)举行;希望 The concert went on for hours.(2)继续 He went on reading his paper.(3)流逝 As the years go on, we grow both wiser and sadder.(4)(电灯)亮,(暖气)热 The heating went on.(5)去(会见,旅行) They decided to go on a visit to the seaside.8.go out (1)出去 Have all the wedding invitations gone out yet?(2)熄灭 The candle has gone out.(3)过时 Long skirts are gradually going out.(4)歇工 The workers went out for better pay.9.go over (1)研究,审查 ;温习 Let’s just go over everything and find out where the trouble was.(2)搜查,视察 The police went over his room three times, but found nothing.10.go round (1)绕着走,在某规模内随便走Don’t sound your horn while you’re going round the hospital.(2)到某处去 Let’s go round and see Mary. She’s ready for a chat.11.go through (1)审阅,讨论 I can’t go through the letters in an hour.(2)翻找,检察 Mother went through the magazine quickly.(3)做一遍 Let’s go through the exercises.(4)用完;做完,上完(大学) I didn’t want to go through college.(5)履历(难题等),经由(阶段等) She went through one hardship after another.(6)通过,乐成 The plan didn’t go through.12.go to (奖)由某人获得The first prize for Biology went to the youngest child in the class.13.go up (1)涨价 The shares have gone up three points since yesterday.(2)上升 National income would go up next year by 6.6 percent.(3)(楼房等)盖起来 New office blocks are going up everywhere.14.go with (1)相配… Brown shoes don’t go with a black suit.(2)和…精密联系 Happiness doesn’t necessarily go with money.17keep组成的短语1.keep back(1)退却 Keep back. It’s dangerous .(2) 抑制She could not keep back her anger/ tears.(3) 扣除 The boss kept back five percent of my wages.2.keep off 使脱离;不靠近Keep your hands off ! Keep off the grass .3.keep on (1)继续下去; prices keep on increasing.(2)继续留用(sb.); The boss kept him on as a secretary.4.keep out (of ) 不进去;不使入内Keep out of the railroad track .5.keep up (价钱;人为)保持高水准;(士气)不降低;(天气)保持稳定/ 连续Will the weather keep up ?7.keep up with 不落在……后面 keep up with the changes in fashion18knock组成的短语1.knock down(1)把……击倒;揍倒;(车等)撞倒(人)His son was knocked down by a car .(2)向(某人)杀价 The price was knocked down to $99.2.knock into 偶然遇到(某人)3.knock off (口语) 停止(事情);下班Let’s knock off and have a cup of tea .4.knock over 将……撞翻Be careful not to knock over the oil bottle on the ground .19look组成的短语1.look about / around 四下环视;朝四周看2.look back (on / upon / to ) 回首;追念 look back on the good old days3.look down on / upon 俯视;轻视;瞧不起Gone are the days when the Chinese people were looked down upon .4.look forward to 盼愿 We’re looking forward to the winter vacation/ seeing you .5.look into 注视……内部;观察;检查The Public Security Bureau is looking into the murder .6.look out 小心;注意 Look out ! Here comes the bus .7.look over(1)了望;越过……看A strange man was looking over the wall.(2)检查 The secretary looked over the letters quickly.8.look through (1)通过……看;简陋的看一遍I looked through several magazines in the beauty shop.(2)检查 I have to look through my notebooks for the exam.9.look upon …as … 把……看成是;认为……He looked upon the old man as his father.10.look like 看起来像;似乎要 It looks like rain.20make组成的短语1.make up(1)组成 This is made up of three different parts .(2)编造,化妆 This is merely an excuse you made up .(3)调整 They quarreled but soon made up .(4)弥补 He studied harder to make up for lost time .2.make out(1)委曲分辨出 / 认出(人;字等)She has grown up but I can still make out her writing.(2)明白Can you make out what he is saying?(3)(事物)顺利举行/ 希望;乐成I wonder how he’s making out in his new job .21pay组成的短语1.pay back(1)归还 He paid me back the 100 dollars he owes me.(2)抨击 I’ll pay them back for this treatment.2.pay for 付……钱 How much did you pay for the book?3.pay off(1)还清 pay off one’s debt.(2)付掉人为予以开除 He paid off the laborers.(3)有利可图;乐成;没有白费 His great achievements paid off at last.22pass组成的短语1.pass away(1)已往,消磨掉 Forty years had passed away since they had met.(2)去世,死掉 He passed away at eighty.(3)消散;痊愈 His illness will soon pass away.2.pass by(1)从旁经由 Somebody passing by asked me the way to the cinema.(2)不剖析 He said we passed by him this morning.3.pass down 传下来 The skill has been pass down over four generations.4.pass on 传给(另外的人) Pass it on to Mr Smith.5.pass through(1)穿过,通过 pass through this street(2)履历;上完(学)pass through a difficult period6.pass out(1)失去知觉 She passed out when she heard the bad news.(2)散发 They passed out free samples(样品)to customers.7.pass over(1)不管;略而不谈(看) We may pass over the details.(2)不计算,不追究 I’ll pass it over for this once.23put组成的短语1.put aside(1)放在一边 She put her needlework aside and we had a talk.(2)存蓄 John puts ten dollars aside every week.2.put away(1)收拾起来Put your books away.(2)存蓄 I’ll have to put something away for my retirement.3.put back 放还原处 Put the dictionary back on the shelf.4.put down(1)放下 Put down that knife before you hurt somebody.(2)写下来Please put down the following facts.5.put forward 提出 put forward a suggestion6.put off(1)推迟,延期 They put off the picnic because of the rain.(2)关掉(无线电等)We forgot to put off the radio before we went out.7.put on(1)穿上I order you to put on a jacket. (2)上演,演出 Put on a fine performance.(3)开(灯)等I’ll put the light on. (4)增加 put on weight 长胖8.put out 扑灭 He put the fire out. 9.put through(1)接通电话 Can you put me through to Mr Brow’s office?(2)使履历(难受的事)You’ve put him through a lot of pain.10.put up(1)举起(手) Put up your hand if you think you know the answer.(2)修建 We must put up a tent here. (3)张贴 Put up a notice.(4)住宿 We put up for the night at a farmhouse.(5)提出(建议等) He’s going to put up another proposal at the meeting.11.put up with 忍受,容忍 I suppose I must put up with my loss.24send组成的短语1.send for 派人去请/取… send for a doctor / a taxi2.send off 寄出;给…送行 I sent the letter off last week.3.send out 发出(光明等) The sun sends out light and heat.4.send to bed (因病或不听话)让上床 You’d better send him to bed and call the doctor.5.send up发射… 使(物价、温度等)上升;递交25take组成的短语1.take after 长得像,性格等像 The boy takes after his father.2.take…as… 看作,认为 Can we take it as agreed that we accept the plan?3.take ..for (to be)….(错)看成,以为是4.take on (1)接受,从事,负担 take on the work/ the responsibilities(2)雇佣 take on 20 workers (3)上(客/货),让上车 take on passengers(4)开始具有,出现 take on a new look; take on a different meaning(5)变得流行,被大家接受 The fashion for long skirts didn’t take on for some time.5.take over 接替;接受 take over the job6.take up (1)拿起;拾起 take up arms / a wallet (2)搭载(搭客)take up passengers(3)选修 / 开始学习(某课程) take up physics(4)从事某种运动,生长某种喜好 take up writing / swimming(5)开始(做某项事情) take up the task (6)占用(时间/空间) take up too much room(7)继续(中断的话);接下去 take up the story(8)改小(衣服等) The sleeves require taking up an inch.26turn组成的短语1.turn away 撵走, 拒不接受 Hundreds of people were turned away from the concert.2.turn down(1)拒绝 turn down the suggestion (2)关小,调低 turn down the radio(3)(被)向下翻转 turn down the collar / The collar turns down.3.turn in (1)交上去 turn in a good history paper(2)交给警员,向…告密 She turned the escaped prisoner in to the police.(3)上床睡觉 I usually turn in at about 11 o’clock.4.turn on / off 开/关(灯)5.turn out(1)关掉 turn out the light (2)效果是 The exam turned out to be easy.(3)生产,造就(人才) The college turns out a hundred teachers a year.6.turn over (1)移交 He turned over the business to his son.(2)翻身 turn over in bed (3)仔细思量 He turned over the problem for hours(4)翻阅,翻过(书页)I wasn’t really reading, just turning over the pages.7.turn to (1)找…帮助 turn to me (for help) (2)查阅 turn to the reference books8.turn up (1)加入,泛起 (被)发现The lost papers have turned up.(2)发生 Something will turn up to get you out of the difficulty.(3)把音量开大 turn up the radio27wear组成的短语1.wear down 使……逐步磨损/消蚀 He worn down the point of the pencil.2.wear out 使耗尽、穿坏 The long walk worn the children out3.wear on vi. (时间)消逝、已往 = pass / go on。




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